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Deferred Annuities Promise Better Happiness for your Post Retirement Life

Posted on May 9, 2012 | in General Finance | by

retirement with deferred annuitiesAre you going to retire very soon? Are you worried about your financial independence? Don’t you think so that life can take a wrong turn, when you will be left with no job or no salary? Is a little pension amount enough for you to bear all your expenses after retirement? Well, the economical situation is taking a turn and any time you can fall into the trap of recession or inflation. Therefore, you must stay prepared prior to your retirement with deferred annuities.

Yes, life is never static and changes come frequently, but living a happier and safer life is a requirement of all. However, people tend to spend more money than their budget and make the biggest mistake of their lives. Therefore, you must go for deferred annuities to make sure that all your savings can be spent in a systematic way.

Why purchase deferred annuities?

It helps you stay safe – When it comes to safety and security, these annuities offer you better assurance. The amounts you accumulate remain secured for your future and after you reach to your retirement age, you start getting the returns. Even it guarantees you a stable income for a lifetime.

It helps you save the maximum amount – This plan is a favorite of the retirees, because it offers them the facility of accumulating the maximum amount for their retired age. Since, no tax deductions are made upon your savings until you withdraw the amount; you get to secure maximum amounts for your retirement.

It helps you get death benefits – After the death of the annuitant, the beneficiary gets to inherit the death benefits. So, not only you, but your family gets to stay safe.

How to purchase deferred annuities?

Contact an annuity provider to know about the annuity scheme in details. Ask him to quote you the amount you can get after your retirement. To know whether he is quoting the right amount or not, you can definitely use an annuity calculator to confirm it. Once you are satisfied with the plan, you can go for purchasing it. You can purchase these plans just by paying a single installment or multiple installments over time as per your financial ability.

Since, there are two kinds of deferred annuities available, like fixed and variable; you must decide to choose the plan, which suits your requirements the best.

So, what are you waiting for? Ease you post retirement burdens borrowing deferred annuities, because your security ensures your happiness.

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